LOCKER ROOM TALK (director / performer)

Male sexist texts performed by female bodies. A theatre performance of the the verbatim play Locker Room Talk by Gary McNair created in collaboration with a choreographer Daria Iuriichuk and a dramaturg Olga Tarakanowa. Premiere – June 4, 2019 at the Meyerhold Theatre Center, Moscow. The winner of the Black Box Residency 2018.

RISKLAB (concept / director / performer)

A telematic performance about risk in art and artists at risk. Premiere – Camden People’s Theatre, London, 2018. Guest online artists – Abhishek Thapar (India / Netherlands), Anis Hamdoun (Syria / Germany).

EDGELANDS by Theatre for Pigeons (collaborator / co-director / performer)

A devised multimedia theatre piece about edgeland of life and death. RCSSD, London, 2018. Watch a trailer

DOUBLE EAGLE. A WORKSHOP FOR RUSSIAN EMIGRANTS (concept / director / performer)

An immersive theatre piece about new wave of Russian emigration. Co-created together with a playwright Natasha Borenko. Premiere – ICAF-Festival, Rotterdam, 2017.

BOAL IN RUSSIA (curator)

Workshops and lectures about forum-theatre in Russia in collaboration with Masha Kolosova and invited artists. St.Petersburg / Moscow / Voronezh, 2016-2017. Watch a workshop trailer or a lecture (rus).

VMESTE. TEENAGE THEATRE AGAINST XENOPHOBIA (concept / producer / final editing)

A documentary film about socially engaged theatre project Vmeste from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Premiere – 19th Assitej International theatre festival for children and young people, Cape Town, 2017. WATCH ONLINE

“_____________” (opening quotation mark fourteen spaces closing quotation mark) (director)

A documentary theatre concert with 14 teenagers. Co-created together with a playwright Natasha Borenko. Premiere – Bolshoi Drama Theatre, Saint Petersburg, 2015. WATCH A TRALER


A documentary theatre piece about “we” and “they”. Co-created together with a playwright Natasha Borenko. Laboratory ON.Theatre, St. Petersburg, 2015.


6 contemporary British plays were presented in the form of stage readings by 6 Russian young directors. Bolshoi Drama Theatre, St. Petersburg, 2014.

FRIDGE – FOR VANILLA ICE-CREAM! (curator, co-director together with E.Maximova and S.Svistunovich)

A documentary theatre piece with teenagers of different nationalities about xenophobia and tolerance. Scriptwriter – A. Gorbova. Laboratory ON.Theatre, St.Petersburg, 2013. WATCH A TRAILER