HOW TO SELL YOURSELF TO THE WEST  (concept / director / performer) – in development

An investigative performance project about the politics inside the art industry. Conceived in the art residency of the Young Academy of the Akademie der Künste in Berlin in 2020. Read a practical guide “How to Sell Yourself to the West?”. Watch a teaser of the performance (starting 13:00) as a part of the Digital Open Studios of the Akademie der Künste.

CARIES OF CAPITALISM (co-autor and co-creator)

Nominee for the grand prize of the Sergei Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award 2020. Long-list of the most notable theatre productions of the season 2019/2020, chosen for the special program “Russian case 2020” of the Golden Mask Russian National Theatre award.

A politically engaged participatory performance about precarity, money and labour inside the theatre industry. Devised in collaboration with Alena Papina, Olga Tarakanowa, Daria Iuriichuk. Premiere – October 1, 2019 at the Meyerhold theatre center (Moscow, Russia).

LOCKER ROOM TALK (director / performer)

The winner of the Black Box Residency 2018/2019 at the Meyerhold theatre center. Long-list of the most notable theatre productions of the season 2018/2019, chosen for the special programme “Mask Plus” of the Golden Mask Russian National Theatre award.

Male sexist texts performed by female bodies. Based on the verbatim play Locker Room Talk by Gary McNair. Created in collaboration with a choreographer Daria Iuriichuk and a dramaturg Olga Tarakanowa. Premiere – June 4, 2019 at the Meyerhold Theatre Center (Moscow, Russia). WATCH A TEASER

RISKLAB (concept / director / performer)

A telematic performance about risk in art and artists at risk. Premiere – Camden People’s Theatre, London, 2018. Guest online artists – Abhishek Thapar (India / Netherlands), Anis Hamdoun (Syria / Germany).

EDGELANDS by Theatre for Pigeons (collaborator / co-director / performer)

A devised multimedia theatre piece about edgeland of life and death. RCSSD, London, 2018.

DOUBLE EAGLE. A WORKSHOP FOR RUSSIAN EMIGRANTS (concept / director / performer)

An immersive theatre piece about new wave of Russian emigration. Co-created together with a playwright Natasha Borenko. Premiere – ICAF-Festival, Rotterdam, 2017.

BOAL IN RUSSIA (curator)

Workshops and lectures about forum-theatre in Russia in collaboration with Masha Kolosova and invited artists. St.Petersburg / Moscow / Voronezh, 2016-2017. Watch a workshop trailer or a lecture (rus).

VMESTE. TEENAGE THEATRE AGAINST XENOPHOBIA (concept / producer / final editing)

A documentary film about socially engaged theatre project Vmeste from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Premiere – 19th Assitej International theatre festival for children and young people, Cape Town, 2017. WATCH ONLINE

“_____________” (opening quotation mark fourteen spaces closing quotation mark) (director)

A documentary theatre concert with 14 teenagers. Co-created together with a playwright Natasha Borenko. Premiere – Bolshoi Drama Theatre, Saint Petersburg, 2015. WATCH A TRALER


A documentary theatre piece about “we” and “they”. Co-created together with a playwright Natasha Borenko. Laboratory ON.Theatre, St. Petersburg, 2015.


6 contemporary British plays were presented in the form of stage readings by 6 Russian young directors. Bolshoi Drama Theatre, St. Petersburg, 2014.

FRIDGE – FOR VANILLA ICE-CREAM! (curator, co-director together with E.Maximova and S.Svistunovich)

A documentary theatre piece with teenagers of different nationalities about xenophobia and tolerance. Scriptwriter – A. Gorbova. Laboratory ON.Theatre, St.Petersburg, 2013. WATCH A TRAILER